Math and Science

Math in the Movies by Oliver Knill

Inquiry Approaches in Math. View and Discuss:

Carousel Inquiry Learning in High School Math. Students rotate among tasks to make sense of rotations.

Mathematical Modeling in Middle School. Students engage in inquiry learning learning measurement and volume.

Digital Pedagogy in Math. View and Discuss:

Desmos Math Activities

Safari Montage Videos in Math

Khan Academy as an Engagement Strategy

Intro to Khan Academy: Learning Dashboard

Khan Academy: Rhetoric and Reality

Enhancing Chemistry Basics with Technology

Resources to Explore

Desmos for High School Teachers.

Teacher Overview of Get the Math & Get the Math. Get the Math, produced by Thirteen/WNET New York, shows the relevance of algebra in the real world. See how professionals use math in music, fashion, videogames, restaurants, basketball, and special effects. Then take on interactive math challenges related to those careers.

Math Centers, Grade 4. A math teacher uses a flip camera/iPod touch as a center in class. The students have a task to complete at that center. They videotape each other explaining the task. For example, the students use manipulatives to explain multiplication. The teacher models the task using the flip camera.

TenMarks. View and discuss a webinar on how to use digital learning tools like Ten Marks in the math classroom.

Mathalicious Videos. Examine and solve fascinating real-world math problems presented on video.

Mathalicious Interactive Lesson on Exponents and Videogame Processing Speeds. Mathalicious Lesson on Pizza Toppings. 

Voicethread in Math & Science. Review and discuss examples from Grade 7 on ratios.

Time for You to Plan a Strategy to Start Something.


Check out these thought leaders in inquiry math:

Dan Meyer on the 3-act structure in math storytelling

Math Goes Pop. Matt Lane.


Popplet:  concept map with participant reflections about math and science resources, with benefits and challenges/obstacles. Jen Robinson.

popplet math sci digilit


Math Screencast: Elizabeth Gibbs





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