Book Trailers & InfoLit Tutorials

Analyze the Genre of Book Trailers. In the morning, we looked at examples of book trailers made by library students, high school students and elementary school students. We identified elements including character, conflict, theme/mood, images, illustrations, transitions, music, text on screen and voice over narration. We learned about the power of first-person voice and saw two different book trailers that presented the point of view of the protagonist and the antagonist.

The Process of Creating a Book Trailer. We reviewed a website that helped us recognize the pre-production process of planning a trailer and the production process of sequencing, narrating and editing.

Scroll down to see the videos we created!

Book Trailers in the Elementary Grades

Multimedia Authorship 101

Student-Made Book Trailers

Librarian-Made Book Trailers

High School Book Trailers

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 7.13.45 PM.png

Pre-Production Worksheet for Creating a Book Trailer

Make a Book Trailer

Students Create Book Trailers in Six Easy Lessons (NCTE Read/Write/Think)


Students Create Videos to Teach Smartphone Use as Tool for Learning

Here’s a sample book trailer from Jennifer Robinson:

See today’s Popplet— a mind map summarizing our content knowledge and discussion


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