Action Research

May 17, 2016

We talked about how we conceptualize the research process and discussed the pros and cons of two forms of research:

  • IMPACT research uses systematic measurement and comparing different groups
  • DESCRIPTIVE research uses systematic description, analysis and reflection on a learning process

Parts of a Research Proposal

  • Background.What is known about a particular educational process or form of learning.
  • Literature Review. How have others approached this topic? What did they do?
  • Problem/Need. What is unknown about a particular educational process or form of learning.
  • Context. Details about your situation, learners and environment.
  • Research Questions. What questions can be answered through systematic observation, data collection, analysis and interpretation?
  • Approach/Method. What will you do? What will you measure?  How will you analyze what you find?
  • Concepts/Variables/Measures. How will you observe?What will you pay attention to? How will you collect information? What will you measure?
  • Expectations. What do you think you will find?
  • Timetable. What needs to be done first? Then what?


Christine Johanson: The Use of Video Reflection to Support Positive Behavior Among Elementary Students

Lisa Kirby: Making Connections between Past and Present in Analyzing Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle: A Multimedia Production Project

Amie Shinego: Measuring Learner Engagement and Learning in a Summer School Maker Space

Jen Robinson: Building Support for a Culture of School-Wide Innovation through MakerSpace Mondays

June McGreavy: Can a High School Library Filmmaking Experience Improve School Attendance?










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