Our goal this year is : (a) transform classroom practice, (b) expand the literacy competencies of all students in the school district through developing communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills and (c) advance the leadership competencies of educators to promote integration of digital and media literacy in K-12 education.

Digital Literacy Catalyst Teachers will get opportunities to explore rigorous and effective practices of teaching and learning in digital literacy. Activities may include: reading and discussion: linking the literacies; demonstration of model lessons; lesson study; curriculum mapping for digital and media literacy; implementation and assessment strategy by grade level review; assessment strategies for digital and media literacy curriculum; coaching; elbow-to-elbow support; practical digital skills training; review and discussion of student work. As part of your participation in this initiative you must agree to bring back your learning to the teachers in your school through grade level, department, and faculty meetings. This sharing should be schedule with your building principals.

Your commitment and willingness to improve teacher practice and student achievement in Newport Schools is truly appreciated. Many of you are also involved in other ongoing initiatives in the district. While we don’t want to discourage anyone’s participation, we are also acutely sensitive to the number of times teachers are out of the classroom. For some of you, finding a certified sub in your content area can also be challenging. With that in mind, this year we will strive to have any one teacher out of their classrooms for Professional Development no more than 8 days.


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