Film a Scene

Here’s a simple media production exercise which introduces the steps in the creative process and enables learners to understand continuity editing, consideration of shot sizes and camera angle.

Using one camera, film and edit a 40-second sequence as follows:

Person A is working at a desk. They start daydreaming.

In the daydream, they nervously walk along a corridor and approach a door. They don’t know what’s on the other side.

They walk through the door and see Person B, someone they hadn’t expected to see. The dialogue goes as follows:

Person B (in a sinister voice): Hello.
Person A (who’s just walked through the door): Oh no! What are you doing here?
Person B (the person in the room): I could ask the same thing about you.

Your sequence must last 40 seconds and include at least eight separate shots.

It must include at least one each of the following:

* long or wide shot
* mid shot
* close up
* big closeup or extreme closeup

You may not use zooms. You may use only one camera movement – in one direction – only.

Use a storyboard to help you plan your sequence. Explore the location to work out where the camera should be.

Think about how you can use framing, camera angle, lighting (if available) and editing to:

* show Person A’s nervousness
* show that it’s a daydream.
* make the action appear to be continuous
* show the power relationships between the characters

You can take the activity further by adding suitable music and sound effects.

You could also devise a 20-second montage title sequence, which could include text, images, transitions, effects and sound.