Webinar Fall 2016


15:37:39 From Renee Hobbs : Agenda:
1. Highlights and Lowlights so far
2. Review of Participation and Engagement
3. Planning for November
4. What You’re Learning
5. Schedule for December
6. Documenting our Work
7. Other Issues to Consider

Please review a portion of the tracking and participation dataset:

I am looking forward to seeing you all! If you are unable to attend,
15:45:43 From Renee Hobbs : Audrey Boisvert did an Advanced Google doc
15:58:12 From tmsjen : Digital Literacy website: https://sites.google.com/a/npsri.net/digilit/home
16:14:03 From tmsjen : tms:10 min curriculum time, one week prior
16:14:14 From tmsjen : tms:
16:15:10 From tmsjen : -Google Docs, beginner and advanced (Lisa, Jen); -Google Classroom (Elizabeth); Google Sites (Amie, if available)
16:15:46 From tmsjen : tms: Tina?
16:16:48 From tmsjen : Needs: one-on-one and small group breakout campfires
16:18:03 From tmsjen : Documentation: TMS– Elizabeth took photos; Pell– photo person? RHS– photo person?
16:20:08 From tmsjen : December: check dates on calendar
16:20:58 From tmsjen : What are you learning as a learner and as a leader?
16:21:39 From tmsjen : Lisa: becoming more familiar with Google products and becoming more comfortable teaching adults.
16:23:08 From tmsjen : Elizabeth: Learning Google. Comfortable teaching adults, but must convey our mission is to make effective use of their time.
16:23:37 From tmsjen : Renee: time constraints– time spent feels worthwhile
16:25:18 From tmsjen : Jen: learning along the way
16:25:45 From tmsjen : Co-learners
16:26:28 From tmsjen : Stacey: Connect to relationship marketing, banking. “I’m here to provide a solution– a Google feature can solve that problem.”
16:27:46 From tmsjen : Learn as you go. Pell teachers great colleagues.
16:28:48 From tmsjen : November: Renee will see us all in November, one day in each spot. Sign up for slots.
16:28:54 From tmsjen : December: plan a webinar–